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Police in search of smugglers backers

Neither the arrested smuggler Fritz Nielsen nor his assistant may have had enough money to finance the smuggling - Smuggler is tired and apathetic br

Is it the arrested smugglers and ex-spy Fritz Nielsen who is head of a widely branched smuggling organization in Denmark, or is he just a henchman for a wealthy baker who sits like a spider in the middle of the smuggling network? The Police and the Customs do not believe that he and his called companion, 59-year-old skipper Karl Emanuel Petersen, have been able to scrape enough money together to fund the smuggling and buy the expensive Motor Yacht in which illegal landings were made.

There must be one or more backers who have been able to put the money on the table mean the Police. The cargo of 800,000 cigarettes and 48 bottles of liquor found on board the Motor Yacht when it was moored to the Pilot Bridge in Skælskør yderfjord, alone must have cost half a hundred thousand kroner in acquisitions in a foreign port. The selling price of the black marked is set at DKK 125,000, but the two smugglers never reached that far.

Got a lift by car

Fritz Nielsen was arrested on board the boat, but Karl Emanuel Petersen managed to escape. The Customs Service has long been looking for the Black Motor Yacht, which with its two eight-cylinder engines can sail about 18 miles speed. When the customs check in the Gulf Port of Stignæs saw the smuggling boat heading north through Storebælt, the Customs Service in Skælskør was informed, and Customs Manager G. C. Christensen and a superintendent assistant boarded the boat after it had been moored in Skelskør outer harbor. When the Customs Officer left the Motor Yacht to call for assistance, Karl Emanuel Petersen saw his cut to escape. He got a drive to Skelskør with some motoring anglers pretending to have to get mechanic help for the Motor Yacht, which was searched in port because of machine damage. In Skelskør the refugee hired a taxi and continued to his home in Fakse Ladeplads, where he changed clothes and disappeared in his car - a black Mercedes diesel. It was later found at a gas station in Køge.

Will say nothing

Karl Emanuel Petersen immediately fled to Sweden. From here he is probably sailed file East Germany, where he has good connections.

Fritz Nielsen, who was wearing a sailing cap and a large Icelandic sweater, seemed tired and apathetic when he was arrested, charged and imprisoned until December 9 in a closed constitutional inquiry. He has refused to speak to the police. In Helsingør, the 30-year-old Finnish truck driver, Risto Armo Kuusito, yesterday was imprisoned for two weeks to bring 7200 bottles of vodka, 30,000 cigarettes and 8 car radios illegally into the country. He first refused, but later confessed to knowing that his lorries were loaded with smugglers. - Did you go with smuggling goods? Asked the prosecutor. - - No, the answer sounded. This is the first time I try, and then I am even taken to the customs officers. It's bitter. Ais