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Motor boat with smuggler goods for approx. 265.000 kg. Surprised in Skælskør
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Motor boat with smuggler goods for approx. 265.000 kg. Surprised in Skælskør

The Customs and Criminal Police seized 800,000 cigarettes and 50 bottles of liquor. One of the two on board fled from the lodge bridge in Skælskør yderfjord

The customs service in Skælskør and not least the customs station in Gulfhavn at Stignæs made a coup on Saturday after dinner, which will undoubtedly cause a new, large smuggling case, which you have had for some time been aware of; will be picked up. In a motor boat you had the chance to board at the lodge bridge in Skælskør outer fjord on Saturday, at 13:30, you found 800,000 cigarettes, corresponding to 40,000 20 pcs sachets, which in ordinary selling price represent a value of DKK 260,000 and furthermore 50 bottles of liquor worth 4000 kr then customs manager G.C. Christensen and over-assistant Poul Alsing Skælskør boarded the boat at the pilot bridge, they met the two men aged 53 and 59 respectively, but while the customs officer went up to Gdr. Fritz Christen Jensen to call the police stuck the 59-year-old and managed to drive with some anglers who had just packed together and had to leave.

The refugee was later called throughout Zealand in connection with a diesel-person wagon with the number HH 75 169 he was supposed to be named Carl Emanuel Pedersen and live in Faxe Ladeplads. With the anglers he only drove to Skælskør where he played a taxi home. From here he drove into his own wagon with the number mentioned. The 53-year-old who was arrested and most of Saturday night was questioned by customs officials and the criminal police at Skælskør customs chamber is named after what we experience Fritz Christian Nielsen and resides near Køge. However, he chose to refuse to comment on anything. However, he claimed that he had only participated in the transport of the smugglers.

Two old acquaintances

It turns out, however, that the two men from the motor boat were old acquaintances of the customs and police, and that they were among the chiefs in a very large smuggling case that had been unraveled six years ago. Possibly they have also acted as spies for East Germany where they are believed to have good relations. On Sunday morning, the arrested man was made at 10 am in the Constitutional Court at the court in Korsør, where he had spent the night in prison. The judge seat was clad by judge Gregers Friis, who at the request of criminal assistant Erdmann Hansen who represented the prosecutor agreed that the constitutional hearing should take place for closed doors. The reason for this desire was motivated by the fact that more people were sought after the 59-year-old escaped. Attendance at the Constitutional Hearing was also included. a. Customs manager G.C. Christensen, Skælskør and customs inspector Henning Boserup, who together with a few other experts from the customs service's search service arrived on Saturday evening to Skælskør to participate in the interrogation of the arrested.

The Constitutional Hearing, which was of a very short duration, resulted in a prison warrant being issued on the arrested person until Friday 9 December. He is rightly termed the accusation of infringement of the Customs Code. 189, paragraph 5, which refers to the smuggling of untaxed goods. In addition, the decision was made on the 59-year-old who had fled. With the whole format you think this case has or will develop into goods it hardly long before the further investigation is closed to Copenhagen. However, it is not hidden that one is very inclined to believe that similar parties of cigarettes and spirits have recently been picked up regularly in East Germany and landed in various places on the coast of Zealand, and then sold in Copenhagen where one also believes that should seek the principals of the case.

Motor boad provided

It is reported that the Customs has been authorized to seize the motor boat, which is equipped with two 6-cylinder Chrysler engines. The very fast-moving vessel, which is painted black with mahogany overbuilding, represents a value of at least DKK 150,000. It was dragged from the lodge bridge into the outer fjord to Skælskør harbor by pilot Arthur Møller, and since Saturday evening it has been moored just opposite the customs chamber, where the 800,000 cigarettes and the 50 bottles of liquor were brought to safety. As soon as the boat had arrived in port, a couple of rescuers from the Falck-Zone ensured that the two-engine ignition lines and engine were removed to prevent the boat from being sailed by possible accomplices. It has been mentioned in the radio newspaper that a customs cross from Copenhagen should come to Skælskør Sunday afternoon to lug the smuggling boat to Copenhagen. However, this was not the case. The boat is still in Skælskør harbor, where that weekend was studied by many people. It will probably be sold at auction for the benefit of the Treasury.

The exciting hunt

From the criminal police as well as from the customs, the whole case is partly obsolete - for the sake of the extent it is expected to receive -. It can, however, be said that the beginning of the big coup was made when customs guard Eigil Jensen - Gulfhavn sat in his binoculars watching a fast-moving motor boat south of the ridge. It had a course to the north and since you probably had some quarries or clues, an alarm was immediately triggered. However, one had hardly believed that the boat had errands right on these edges but of course you also had the lodge bridge which is located just inside the entrance to Skælskør fjord under observation. Here the boat arrived at 13:30 and shortly afterwards the customs officer and his assistant went aboard. Unfortunately, it was not possible to prevent one of the two on board from getting off before the criminal police and several customs officials arrived. It is hardly likely that the trafficked goods had to be picked up at the lodge bridge. The reason why the motor boat ran in here seemed rather to be - as some anglers who stayed at the lodge tell - that there was something wrong with the one engine that smoked rather violently. On Saturday night, a customs cross from Copenhagen is called, which arrived at the Gulf Harbor at Stignæs at night. Early Sunday morning, the customs officer made a patrol of the waters between Stigsnæs and Skælskør fjord, but sailed back to Copenhagen at noon.

Moved to Sweden?

The criminal police in Korsør informs tomorrow that the escaped 59-year-old Carl Emanuel Pedersen has in all probability been successful in coming to Sweden with a connection from Snekkersten. His car was found left at a gas station in Køge.